Economic valuation

Economic valuation

This map shows the economic value for each cell in the Amazon Forest. User can select different parameters and see results in real-time. In this simulation many products are analysed together including timber harvesting, biodiversity, costs of fire, losses on soy cultivation, livestock, carbon stocks and others due to deforestation, as a means to value the ecosystem services provided by the Amazon forests as explained in the project

Mappia API


plugins.tip: {String}

Shows a tooltip with any html content with the value while dragging.
Usage: |plugins=tip=Filter {0}% of total cells|

Defaults to undefined

minValue: {Numeric}

Defines the minimum acceptable value to slider.
Usage: |minValue=0|

Defaults to undefined

maxValue: {Numeric}

Defines the maximum acceptable value to slider.
Usage: |maxValue=0|

Defaults to undefined

value: {Numeric}

Defines the initial value to slider with only one thumb.
Usage: |value=0|

Defaults to undefined

values: {Array}

Property to use two or more thumbs, each value is the initial thumb value
@type {Array} Array of initial values.
Usage: |values=[0,100]|

Defaults to undefined

backgroundColors: {Array}

Array of colors of background slider values, to define background slider color based in slider value.
The values are defined from most to minimum with two properties each:
- color: {String} CSS color definition for the current interval. i.e. 'red','black','#FF0000', '#000000'.
- startValue: {Numeric} If defined define the initial value which above will apply this color, otherwise use theminimum slider value as default.

backgroundColors: [
// Define background color to red when slider has value above 75.
color: "red",
startValue: 75
// Define background color starting from value 0.
// That results two intervals, from 0 to 75 as blue, and from 76 to 100 as red.
color: "blue",
startValue: 0
Usage: |backgroundColors=[{color:'red',startValue:75},{color:'blue'}]|

Defaults to undefined

text: {String}

The label text content.
Usage: |text=content|

Defaults to undefined

value: {String}

Set the initial tool content.
Usage: |value=text|

Defaults to undefined

isnumeric: {String}

Assures that the text content is a numeric string.
Usage: |isnumeric|

Defaults to undefined

fieldLabel: {String}

Field description.
Usage: |fieldLabel=Field description.|

Defaults to undefined

style: {String}

Element style description.
Usage: |style=color:black;|

Defaults to undefined

visibleLayers: {Number|String}

Define the initially visible layers.

visibleLayers < 0 'lower than zero' : Shows the first defined maps as visible (From top to bottom).
visibleLayers > 0 'higher than zero': Shows the last defined maps as visible (From bottom to top).
visibleLayers = 0 : Start with no layer visible.
visibleLayers = 'custom' : Visibility defined in each map by 'visibility: {Boolean}' property.
Usage: URL/?visibleLayers=custom

Defaults to 100

priority: {Numeric}

Defines map listing order priority. The higher this value, the higher its placement in the layer list.
Usage: {priority: 1}

Defaults to 0